Adding Images

Images help to illustrate your ideas and engage your readers and are an important part of any online publication. Thinkspace allows you to include images in posts and pages, and even link to documents (eg Word, PDF etc).

Follow the slides below to learn how to use images in posts or pages:

Download in PDF FormatClick here to download this guide in PDF format

Handy Tips!

HANDY TIPS – Copyright!

There are some great sources for free videos and images online, however, please consider your copyright and intellectual property responsibilities whenever you add an video or image to your Thinkspace site.

You can read the CSU Copyright Guidelines for Students here.

Useful Resources


Sometimes you’ll need to edit images so that they appear in your post at the right size and cropping. If you are doing simple edits you can use the WordPress image editor that are built into your Thinkspace Media Library. Check out the Edublogs Image Editing Guide for more info.

For more detailed image editing, we suggest the following image editing tools: