Choosing and Customizing a Theme

Your site theme is what controls the look and feel of your site. This is what users see when they visit your Thinkspace blog.

Follow the slides below:

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Handy Tips!


You are welcome to explore the Themes available and choose one that appeals to you. However remember to consider the purpose of the site and the audience you are writing for when making design decisions!

We’d suggest the following as good options that are easy to edit / manage:

  • Accelerate: A useful theme for creating a website style site, includes various header and layout options, customizable menus and sliders.
  • Amadeus: A mobile-friendly theme with lots of options including font and colour settings and header images.
  • Coherent: A simple, structured theme with full screen featured images and a sliding panel sidebar.
  • BlogSixteen: A simple theme that is useful for blogging, is mobile friendly and includes header image and colour options.
  • Geiseric : A mobile-friendly theme with various layout options, and a customisable header.
  • Sixteen: Includes a Header Image, Slider Social Media Icons and a grid layout.
  • Twenty Nineteen: A great theme if you choose to use the new Block Editor tools.
  • Writr: A bright theme, with colour options and a main menu on the left.

Please note:

Unfortunately, in order to ensure security / stability, we cannot allow students to upload their own custom WordPress Themes to the Thinkspace platform.